Our Story

Marshall and Wesley Gallagher are Nashville natives. They have lived on the East side since they were married, in 2011.  Since then Marshall has been in vocational ministry. In early 2017, through a variety of circumstances, Marshall felt increasingly called to start a new church. 

Everyone's been talking about how many people are moving to Nashville, how inconvenient it is that all these transplants are creating more traffic and spiking home prices. What's missing from the chatter is the need and opportunity for more gospel-proclaiming churches to keep up with the influx of people.

The Branch's mission was to gather as God’s people, to love and worship Him and to allow His love to equip us to serve and bring His redemption to the city of Nashville. We genuinely believe God has a purpose for all people, and we want to help others see that purpose and cultivate a passion to live it out in every aspect of their lives. We set out to start a new church, but God had bigger plans in mind.

Enter Hope Community Church…