Everyone is a...  


Regardless of how much time you’ve spent thinking about it, we all believe something about God, and that informs how we live. At the Branch, we believe God has revealed Himself in Jesus Christ and given us the Bible for us to know about who He is and how He loves us, not just a list of rules in which to live. We will grow in our belief of God, and that will completely change our lives!


A disciple is someone who is following, learning from, or being influenced by someone. We want everyone to a disciple of Jesus. That starts with a relationship with Christ personally, but expands through relationships in and out of the church. We will love one another, and because of our love, encourage everyone to intentionally pursue Jesus. Not to ‘arrive’ or reach a spiritual destination, but to foster growth in a direction—which can look and feel different for each and every person. 


We all long for purpose, to live for something. Loving Jesus means living for His mission and kingdom, not our own. This means we will aim to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, to serve someone other than ourselves. We want to do this both in our message and our methods for our local community and across the world.  We think its important to help one another figure out who God has created us to be, developing our God-given talents and strengths, and lean into that passion. This focus equips people to serve God wherever they are and live adventurously for Christ's kingdom. 


We are all in process. We are all incomplete and messy, but by the grace of Christ we are being made new! These 3 identities are truths we believe, but they are also pursuits. We think of them as places to grow, people to become, targets to aim for, all the while knowing that growth is not about reaching a place but an attitude. Being a part of the Branch will at least mean pursuing these together, as a family of faith.