Hope Community Church

Early in the Fall, conversations began between the pastors of The Branch Church and Hope Community Church. Hope needed a pastor in January, and both churches were committed to gospel-ministry in the city of Nashville.

After a lot of deliberation and discussion, Marshall was voted in as the pastor of Hope Community Church, combining the core team of the Branch to become a part of Hope for more gospel-ministry around the city. We are all overjoyed as we have seen God work in ways we could not have imagined in the last few months. We truly believe that the things we can do for the sake of the gospel are exponentially greater than simply going alone. We will continue to pray for and work toward multiplying ministry in Nashville and to the ends of the earth!


Commitment to Community

Both The Branch and Hope had a deep relational commitment toward hospitality and connection. It was one of the quickest and most tangible connection points between the two groups, and the welcoming atmosphere is immediately evident. The simple, intentional pursuit of community makes a big difference in building one another up as a congregation.

Commitment to Developing and Training Pastors

Months before this took place, Marshall called Jeremy for the purpose of trying to emulate their intern and residency program. This is an incredible part of Hope’s impact for the kingdom, and reflects much of the generous nature of their congregation. You can learn more about it here