Our Focus:

  • Gospel (Grace): Why we are here, where we find our hope, and what sustains and drives our lives.

  • Scripture: God’s words meant for us and our lives today. 

  • Relationship:  Living deeply with others, and being loved and known by a committed community.  

  • Discipleship: Growing deeper in our walk with Christ, becoming more of who we are meant to be, one step at a time. 

  • Outreach: Living for something bigger than ourselves. Using and developing who God made us to be to help others live full lives.  


   We want to simply live to our fullest, and experience the life God has designed for us. We deeply believe that we find that life, something we also think all people long for, in God and living to honor Him.  Following Jesus More, and Following Him Together is the sole intention of our creation and we dont see following Him as a list of rules to obey, but joyfully becoming who we are really meant to be, albeit imperfectly, but more and more as time progresses. The Branch isn’t doing something no one has done before, but we are moving in a direction. That direction is towards Christ because our greatest joy and greatest life are found in Christ, and that gives God the honor and praise that is due to Him. 

    We aspire to be faithful. Nothing more, just simply faithful. So, we pray that if you have a desire for wholeness, joy and belonging with God and others, we hope that you’ll walk with us as we pursue life in Jesus.